Inspiring Water Sports Competitions

  1. Summer Olympic Games

Olympic sports are all those sports played in the summer and Winter Olympic Games. Since 2008, the Summer Olympics have included 26 games with 36 disciplines and approximately 300 competitions, while winter sports have included seven sports with 15 disciplines and about 80 matches. The number and type of competitions can change slightly from one game to another.

The International Committee of Olympics (IOC) makes differences between sports, disciplines, and competitions. In Olympic terms, a sport means a single discipline, or a group of them, represented by the international organization of sports. Such water sports like these, represented at the Olympic level by the International Swimming Federation, are an Olympic sport that includes the disciplines of swimming, synchronized swimming, jumping, and water polo. There are at least two competitions or tests (male and female) for sport or discipline —except in riding, which is mixed tests— and medals are awarded in each trial. There are only two sports disciplines that have exclusively female tests, such as rhythmic gymnastics and synchronized swimming.

The three most traditional sports of the Summer Olympics are athletics, gymnastics, and swimming. However, during the greater part of the 20th century, sports display was included in many Olympic Games, usually to promote a non-Olympic sport popular in the headquarters or to gauge the interest and support that sport. Some sports, like curling, were added to the Olympic program. This changed when the International Olympic Committee decided in 1989 to eliminate exhibition sports for after the 1992 Barcelona Olympic Games.

  1. The World Swimming Championship

The World Swimming Championship (also known as the World Water Sports Championship or the FINA1 World Championship) is the highest international water sports competition. Is made since 1973 by the International Swimming Federation (FINA). Since its ninth edition, in 2001, it takes place every odd year.

The central point of the championships is the swimming competitions, held in a 50 m swimming pool. in addition, there are open water swimming competitions, synchronized swimming, jumps, high altitude jumps, and water polo.

The format used in the last editions consists of two weeks ‘ duration: the first week for jumping, open water swimming and synchronized swimming, as well as the preliminary phase of the women’s and men’s water polo tournaments; the second week for swimming competitions and the final phase of the two water polo tournaments.

  1. XV World Water Sports Championship

XV World Water Sports Championship. Held in Barcelona (Spain) between 19 July and 4 August 2013. In which 181 national federations affiliated with the International Swimming Federation (FINA), the organization of the event jointly with the Royal Spanish Swimming Federation, participated, this great event aims to bring together people from different cultures and countries to witness swimming, synchronized swimming, jumping, open water swimming, water polo and high altitude jumps, the latter for the first time in the history of these championships.

The championship had initially been awarded to Dubai (United Arab Emirates) in 2009, but in March 2010, the United Arab Emirates organizing committee resigned from organizing the event. On September 26, 2010, the FINA relied in Barcelona as headquarters, a city that previously hosted the 2003 World Cup.

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