Extreme Water Sports You Must Try

As every year since 1993, today 22 March, we celebrate World Water Day. The purpose of this celebration is to raise awareness worldwide about the importance of water conservation. That is why this date is an excellent opportunity to inform us more about the issue, because what would become of us without water?

On the occasion of this special day and to give a special mention to the water, we prepared a top 5 water sports perfect for lovers of the extreme. Let us learn to take care of the water and keep our planet clean, to conserve rivers, lakes, lagoons, dams, and oceans since without them we could not exist and much less practice the following extreme activities.

  1. Free-Diving

This exciting extreme sport consists of diving in the water while holding your breath and descending to great depths or traveling long distances. Freediving, although it does not use diving equipment, requires good training in hypoxic environments and high hydrostatic pressures, where the gases are compressed and the lungs are reduced. Good nutrition and hydration are also essential. And last but not least, mental relaxation is indispensable.

  1. Water skiing

Water skiing is a mixture of skiing and surfing where you can reach very high speeds, it was an exhibition sport at the 1972 Munich Olympic Games. This sport, which requires practice, training, a lot of balance and good reflexes, consists of skiing on the water performing stunts while holding a rope drawn by a boat at a considerable speed.

  1. Surfing

This extreme sport was born in Hawaii from the way the natives fished, and over the years, it transformed into what we know today. Surfing consists of keeping the balance on a board while heading and sliding over the water. Standing on the table, as long as possible, is not a simple task. Surfing, in addition to demanding a lot of training, requires good reflexes, balance, swimming skills, practice and the necessary knowledge to choose a good wave, as well as a lot of attitude and love for the sport. water sports

  1. Rafting

Rafting is an exciting team sport that is practiced in rivers and that combines strength, love of nature, tension, adventure, and much action. This sport consists of going down a mountain river accompanied by a group of people on a pneumatic boat, without a motor, known as a raft. The boat is drawn by the current and must be directed as accurately as possible, using a short oar and following the instructions of the monitor, who directs the boat. The goal is to avoid all the obstacles that the river presents. To practice, it is necessary to be alert and fully trust the other people who go on the raft, as well as a piece of proper protective equipment to avoid severe blows. water sports

  1. Subwing

How would you feel about flying into the water? With the sub wing is possible to experience this feeling at the same time that we explore the ocean, you just have to be argued with force fins towed by a motorboat and slip of the form that you want by the water. This sport mixes free diving with skiing; a very fun combination created by Simon Sivertsen and certainly an unforgettable experience.

Which water sport do you prefer? Tell us what your experience in the water has been and how you contribute to taking care of it so that you can continue practicing these spectacular disciplines.

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