Different Types of Popular Water Sports & Guide for Equipment

Water sports are very popular especially in the places near the beach. Find out what different types exist, guide for equipment, biggest competitions & betting on them.

Equipment Guide for Water Sports and Popular Types

Do you fancy water sports? They are some of the enthralling sports played in most international athletics events, such as the IAAF World Athletics Championships and Olympics. Here is our complete guide to different types of water sports.

Different Types of Water Sports

Understanding the different water sports types is the first step to enjoying them, whether at the Olympics or other competitions. Note that water sports will only be effective if you use the best equipment. Here are the main water sports types that you should know about.

  • Swimming: This water sport involves moving through the water using legs, arms, and body in motions referred to as strokes. Good examples include backstroke, crawl, and breaststroke.

  • Surfing: This is one of the top water sports in competitions such as the Olympics. It involves riding on the waves using a surfboard. The surfers are assessed based on wave size, quality of maneuvers, and distance ridden.

  • Kayaking: This is a sort of racing competition on the water using small crafts known as kayaks or canoes. The competitions mainly take place in still water.

  • Cliff diving: This is one of the extreme types of water sports. Although this water sport does not require any special equipment, a lot of courage is needed to jump from high cliffs. Besides, you need to know how to swim in deep waters.

Guide for Best Equipment

If you are interested in different water sports types,you can only be successful by getting the right types of equipment. Here are the main types of water sports equipment that you need:

  • Surfing

The main type of equipment needed for surfing is a surfboard. This is a special board that you stand on when riding on waves. If you are new to surfing, it is advisable to go for a longer and broader board. But you can shift to shorter boards once you master the surfing skills. Shorter boards are considered more maneuverable, but should only be used when you have top-notch skills.

  • Kayaking

Unlike surfing, Kayaking requires more equipment. The main kayaking equipment includes kayaks and paddles. To select the best kayak, you should go for the most durable model that is sturdily constructed, and easy to maneuver. Also, the paddle should be light and strong to make paddling easy and fast.

  • Swimming

Although swimming might appear cheap, it is advisable to go for it only if you have the best equipment. These include swimming goggles, swimming caps, earplugs, and swimming suits. To select the best swimming equipment, you should go for the perfect fit models designed by top brands.

Popular Extreme Water Sports - How Dangerous are they

Some of the water sports that have become very popular are extreme sports. While it is true that they are enthralling, they are not for the fainthearted. Besides, the danger always looms with some sports people suffering severe injuries or fatalities at times during competitions. Therefore, if you want to try these extreme water sports types, it is important to understand the danger involved and ensure you have the right equipment. Here is the ultimate list of the top extreme water sports:

  • Cavern diving: Cavern diving is one of the most dangerous sports out there. To try this, you need to be a scuba diver and have the right air tank. The biggest danger is that in the event of an emergency, you cannot move upwards because of the cave ceiling. Besides, most caves have mud, clay, and sand that compromise visibility. This means that you can easily get lost.

  • Surfing: While the idea of riding on a wave looks attractive, it is a dangerous undertaking. In most of the cases, you are competing with wild waves that can easily knock you down. And that is not all. In the open waters, you can easily get attacked by sharks and rays. Therefore, if you do not have the skills and courage to surf, you are better off watching the action from the beach.

  • White water rafting: Well, no matter how skilled you are and the equipment you have, white water rafting is a dangerous game that could easily end in a tragedy. The danger lies in the rapids, dashing currents, and the unpredictable nature of water. Besides, most rafting sites are in remote sections of rivers where getting help in the case of an emergency might be impossible.

Biggest Competitions

If you fancy water sports, the best way to enjoy them is following the major competitions and sports betting. Most of the competitions are well covered, and you can follow the action line on your television or specific sports channels. Some of the biggest water competitions include Olympics, IAAF World Athletics Championships, the World Open Water Championships, and World Aquatics Championships.

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