Whitecap SUP Instruction and Rentals

Whitecap Stand Up Paddle Boarding Lessons and Rentals – 2018

Book a Rental or Lesson In Augusta or Columbia area; click here or call 706-833-9463 chuck@whitecapSUP.com

Lesson Rates, by appointment: Guided lesson excursion trips: $35 to $65, depending on #’s, location, family groups, etc.  Typical rates are $65/person for 1 or 2, $55 for 3 to 5 people, on down to $35 for larger groups. Includes equipment and instructor guidance and instruction throughout. Typically a 2 hour experience.

Rental Rates: 1/2 day -$25 to $65 depending on board style and delivery or pick-up. Race or touring boards (displacment hull) and some premium design surf shapes rent at the higher rate.(Expereince with water board sports required for independant pick-up rentals.) 

Stand up paddle boarding can be your path to fulfilling the dream. It’s not too late. Of course, the bigger problem for many of us is that’s it’s too early — you know, it’s one of those things we’re going to get around to in our next life. Dude, wake up — THIS IS IT! You only got one. An SUP can bring the fun, the light-hearted culture, the sublime joy of the surf board-riding experience into YOUR life. No matter where you live, no matter how busy you are, your fitness level, previous experience, or budget – you can fit a piece of surf culture into THIS life — now. Let Whitecap StandUp paddleboarding get you out there!

  • Learn flat-water basics in 10 to 15 minutes! (We can come to you)
  • Get a view of multi-use board capabilities: windsurfing, touring, racing…even fishing and camping!
  • Safety, equipment fundamentals…and a little surf slang always included!
  • Flat Water SUP Basics, SUP Wave Riding, SUP Safety, SUP Touring. Windsurfing Lessons also available.
  • Whitecap SUP can introduce you to standup paddling on any body of water, anywhere, everywhere. We do get around! We accommodate small group or individual lessons by appointment.

Whitecap SUP is mobile!

We go anywhere and everywhere.



Whitecap SUP Instruction and Rentals
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