Whitecap Stand Up Paddleboard: Starboard Whopper

Starboard Whopper  

10’0” x 36” Starboard Whopper Extra.~~~~~~~~~ Click to Download Starboards 2011 Catalog
Dimensions: Length: 304.8 cm, Width: 91.4 cm, Tail Width: 48.5 cm, Volume: 208 L
This 10’0” x 36” fun shape rewrites the limits on how quick anyone can master paddle boarding in waves. It paddles relatively straight and relatively fast. The relatively long hull takes off extremely quickly on a wave and the relatively short hull turns fast on a wave. The width makes it incredibly stable while paddling onto a wave and while walking back towards the tail to turn the full stability remains. The thin rails creates smooth carving and the extra nose kick prevents nose diving. This is the Whopper with 2 inch extra width and 1 inch extra nose kick, the Whopper Extra. If you want to cheat your gravity, this is the board for you.
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Whitecap Stand Up Paddleboard: Starboard Whopper
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