Whitecap Stand Up Paddleboard: Starboard K Series

Starboard: Ace  

15’x30″, Starboard Ace~~~~~~~~~ Click to Download Starboards 2011 Catalog
Dimensions: Length: 457.2 cm, Width: 76.2 cm, Tail Width: 22.4 cm, Volume: 228 L
With victory in the most grueling long distance race in 2010 – Holland’s five-day 11 City Tour – the K-15 has again proven itself the best all-round race board. It also won the Japanese race championships two years running and most of the events in the competitive Florida series. Extremely efficient, friendly and fast. The slightly rounded sleek underwater hull with a sharp nose provides a fantastic paddling sensation on flatter water. The shape also travels fast and smooth in choppy water on all courses. It catches surf easily and you can walk back in the cockpit to lift the nose to fit any wave configuration. The water ventilation plugs are designed in a way where you can open and close them by the touch of your fingertips. Keep them closed for flat water paddling, open them for rough water adventures. There are insert plugs both fore and aft to tie down bags or even a storage box. The K15 is also a fantastic light wind windsurfing board, resembling the Serenity from Starboard’s windsurfing range. It doesn’t require a jumbo sail or pro-level skills to enjoy it. Best of all, it doesn’t even need real wind for an exhilarating ride. Simply attach your rig and center fin, hop on, sheet in and go.
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Whitecap Stand Up Paddleboard: Starboard K Series
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