Whitecap Stand Up Paddleboard: Starboard Gun

Starboard: Widepoint  

10’3” x 28.5” Starboard Gun~~~~~~~~~ Click to Download Starboards 2011 Catalog
Dimensions: Length: 312.4 cm, Width: 72.4 cm, Tail Width: 36.6 cm, Volume: 145 L
When you reach for it, you know it’s for waves of consequence that will test your limits. Late drops on big bombs is what this board craves. A sleek pinned outline and pinched rails help to contain speed. Its rocker gets you in early yet provides safety from pearling. The overall combination breeds confidence to push hard in critical situations where it won’t let you down. (Don’t confuse this board with last year’s 10’3”x29” Gun, now called the 10’3”x29” Pro. Paddleboard development is indeed a high-octane business).

“Mono concave merging to double concave with tail V”

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Whitecap Stand Up Paddleboard: Starboard Gun
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