Whitecap Stand Up Paddleboard: Starboard Big Easy

Starboard Whopper  

12’0” x 32” Starboard Big Easy~~~~~~~~~ Click to Download Starboards 2011 Catalog
Dimensions: Length: 365.8 cm, Width: 81.3 cm, Tail Width: 42.6 cm, Volume: 205 L
Stable to paddle thanks to its 32” width and great glide with the full 12’0” length. The generous nose width and mono concave up front provides fun nose riding abilities and also lets the board paddle into waves with ease. The pinned out alt section with ample tail rocker ensures good wave riding characteristics for a board of this size. A proven shape that has thousands of fans around the world.

“Slight mono concave nose section to flat middle with a fair amount of V in the back”

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Whitecap Stand Up Paddleboard: Starboard Big Easy
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