Whitecap Stand Up Paddleboard Collection: Bic SUP

Bic SUP 2011 ACS –With the launch of the first ever SUP made from polyethylene, using a quality shape and selling at a tempting price, BIC Sport is recreating the same phenomenon as with the Natural Surf that took surfing to the masses and became the most popular board in the history of the sport in the process. The BIC Sport Stand Up Paddle ACS boards have been conceived to make sure you can enjoy flat water as easily as the waves with shapes that have an excellent manoeuvrability/stability ratio. Made from thermoformed polyethylene, they’re aimed at beginner riders just getting into the sport looking for a strong, stable board and wanting to progress to start riding in waves. They’re ideally suited to surf and SUP schools who need strong, easy to use equipment that their students can make rapid progress on. They come with an integral foot pad and carry handle.

E-Comp – The SUP E-Comp range is good enough to rival most sandwich type construction boards on the market. E-Comp technology, same as used on our surf boards, is 30% stronger than polyester and has similar weight and stiffness advantatages as higher end sandwich constructed boards. It’s also hugely resistant to the knocks and bumps that are common in SUP.

Jungle – Its shape is an excellent compromise between manoeuvrability and stability. It excels in the surf with loads of rocker and V in the tail yet paddles true and straight in the flat.

Bic: 2011

10’4″ ACS SUP- 10’4″ long x 31″ wide, weighs 33.7 lbs.

11’4″ ACS SUP 11’4″ long x 32″ wide, weighs 34.2 lbs.

10’6″ Ecomp 10’6″ long x 31″ wide, weighs 31 lbs.

11’6″ Ecomp 11’6″ long x 32″ wide weighs 34 lbs

10’10” Jungle 10’10” long x 28 1/4″ wide, weighs 26.45 lbs.

11’4″ Jungle 11’4″ long x 32″ wide weighs 28.66 lbs

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Whitecap Stand Up Paddleboard Collection: Bic SUP
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