Whitecap boards

  Exocet – 2015


AST — $1244  

wood — $1489 (in stock

Volume 176 litres
Length 315 cm / 10’3”
Width 77 cm / 30.31”
Wood Weight 10.7 kg (+/-6%)
AST Weight 10.9 kg (+/-6%)
Soft Deck Weight
13.9 kg (+/-6%)
STD Weight
12.5 kg (+/-6%)
Center Fin 14.5 cm US box
Side Fin 2 x FCS 11.9 cm

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AST — $1244  (see more here.)

Volume 198 litres
Length 335 cm / 10’9”
Width 78 cm / 30.7”
Wood Weight 11.7 kg (+/-6%)
AST Weight 11.9 kg (+/-6%)
Soft Deck Weight 15.4 kg (+/-6%)
STD Weight 13.4 kg (+/-6%)
Center Fin 14.5 cm US box
Side Fin 2 x FCS 11.9 cm


$999  $1049                     $1099             $1099                       $1299             $1099    $1299

BIC’s Ace-Tec range  — as low as $999

Whitecap carries the 10’6, the 11’6, the 12’6 WING, and both windsurfable WIND models, the 10’6 and 11’6 which has a retractable centerboard. The 10’6’’ and 11’6 ACE-TEC SUP is designed as an all-round performer up to 220lbs. It features even volume distribution, confidence-inspiring width and a refined rocker profile for surf performance as well as flatwater glide. The WING is a displacement -hull all-around touring shape that will aslo get you in the game at yoru local SUP race scene. The WIND models are true multi-purpose boards that, not only are great platforms on which to learn windsurfing from day one, but also wonderful cruising longboard style windsurfers.

ACE-TEC is the ideal material for SUPs. A composite of a polystyrene core covered with glass and epoxy followed by a thermoformed finishing coat results in light weight boards that are rigid and highly knock-resistant. Premium quality without the premium price ! BIC, the same company of the famous pens and lighters, is a leading manufacturer of surf boards, small sail boats, and windsurf boards for over 30 years.

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The Fanatic range: 2015 —From waves to rivers to the race course, coveted the world over. Fanatic was founded in 1981, one of the leading windsurfing brands worldwide. In 2010 Fanatic SUP was founded, profiting from the experience they have in the windsurfing section. Fanatic’s commitment to excellence and over 30 YEARS of world-class expereince in performance windsurfing, along with their exclusive CAD-shaping system, has produced a complete line of boards to bring a smile to the face of any level of SUP-er. Whitecap rides all of these boards! Talk to us about Fanatic, the Ride of Your Life!

image  image  imageimage

 FALCON 12’6 and 14′      ALL-WAVE (surf for all)          PRO-WAVE (surf X)           FLY All-Around 10′ to 11’6

    (world-class race)        8’6, 8’11, 9’1, 9’5, 9’10      6 sizes – 8’0 to 9’10           Wood – HRS – PURE

  $1889 (HRS)                                 $1539                    $1589 (HRS)                             $1299 to $1539

   $2389 to $2489 (carbon)                                           $2299 (carbon)   


Inflatables…                                                                       and touring…

 imageimage  image     image

              FLY AIR                       FLY Air PREMIUM                FLY Air PRIMO Tour                    RAY  – 11′ and 12′

        $1089 to $1250              $1199 to $1349                      $1399                                $1489 to $1989

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The SUNSET plastic SUP — $690 with adjustble aluminum paddle


The perfect “dock” board for the family at the lake or river house. Virtually indestructable. Carefree. Your Bud Light-inspired brother-in-law or your sister’s little hellions can’t hurt it!  It’s all fun! But has surprising forward glide! Just leave it by the water year round and get out on the water after work yoruself. We all need a nice Sunset now and then…yeah!

No fin to break off, loose, or damage on racks or a dock. SAFE!

10′ 4 x 30 — about 44 lbs


Starboard’s famous BLEND and ATLAS and WIDE POINT 10’5 in the new 2014 AST Electric Blue or the new upgrade to the previous “White” construction — the Starshot Red (or Blue) with deck pad and PU ding resistant railsimageimage

$1299 — Starshot construction

$1799 — AST Electric construction

Whitecap boards
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