Starboard SUP Paddle Collection

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Starboard Whopper

Starboard Whopper & Carbon Power Paddle

Starboard offers a diverse range of SUP paddles for the every condition. For strong paddlers wanting to maximum paddle power in each stroke, Starboard offers the Power Carbon. The Carbon Power paddle offers extreme acceleration and is suited for quick take off in wave conditions.

The Wave Carbon is designed with a larger blade for fast acceleration in waves with a forgiving blade shape for better maneuvers on the wave face.

Whitecap Correct Paddle Length

Choosing the correct SUP paddle length is essential for comfort, power and control. Above you will find a guide which is intended to provide a general guideline for determining the proper length of your paddle. No guideline can be as good a substitute than trying different lengths, styles, and composites, and this is where Whitecap SUP can help. Just contact us or keep an eye open for one of our demo days or trips and we will be glad to have you try our arsenal of different models. Request a Quote

If you are still undecided or if you SUP in both waves and flat water, just choose an adjustable model.

Starboard SUP Paddle Collection
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