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Starboard WindSUP Inflatable 10′ x 34″ Deluxe: “A real windsurfer… Maneuverable and accessible!”



Starboard’s presents the unique WindSUP Inflatables: reinventing the inflatable concept for windsurfing and stand-up paddleboarding. Lighter and tougher than traditional hard boards, these boards are seriously fun toys for the whole windsurfing/paddle boarding family as well as for schools and clubs. They glide nicely, they’re safe because you can’t bump your head against them, they can be treated with minimal care and they roll up into a compact bag!

The following test was featured in the 2014 Special Test edition of WIND Magazine! Four different brands and were tested with the Starboard winning the test! Overall, testers were surprised by the glide and compactness. Read it in French or English!image

Length: 314 cm
Width: 87 cm
Weight / Naked Weight: 15 kg / 10.98 kg
Volume: 300 liters
Recommended Fin: Drake Shallow 22 cm + Daggerboard 57 cm
Sail range: 2.5m² – 7.0m²
Available sizes: 9’0 x 30″ / 10’0 x 34″ / 11’2″ x 32″ / 11’2″ x 39″ / 12’6″ x 30″


Quite large and round with a lot of rocker, the WindSUP Inflatable 10′ x 34″ comes with a fully-retractable daggerboard. Ingeniously, the daggerboard box is inserted before inflating and locks itself into position as you inflate to the required pressure of 18 PSI. The deck features a big three-layer pad.

On the Water:

Some effort is required to inflate the WindSUP to the recommended 18 PSI. It’s physical; ladies and kids might struggle to complete the task even with the high-pressure pump provided. The slightly out-centered carry handle is quite nice and allows to carry the board with one hand quite easily.

Its wide shape boosts confidence and provides great stability. With slightly more rocker than others, the WindSUP requires just a tiny bit more effort to get going but the difference is almost insignificant. The comfort is excellent thanks to the three-layer EVA pad and you can move freely around the board without any balance issues.

The daggerboard gives the WindSUP a huge advantage over its competitors: it is a real windsurfer, ideal to cruise around or teach windsurfing to the entire family. Stable and easily maneuverable, everything goes smoothly and simply with the Starboard reacting immediately. Handling the daggerboard is extremely simple; no effort is required… It’s even easier than a traditional hard board! The WindSUP is by the far the most efficient board of the lot, especially in light winds where its competitors are all going sideways. The glide is quite discreet but the board goes just as fast as the other inflatables tested.


Thanks to the its retractable daggerboard, the Starboard WindSUP leaves all its competitors in its wake in terms of maneuverability. Its ability to head upwind allows you to tour the coastline with the certitude you will be coming back to your starting point. This WindSUP Inflatable is a SUP and a windsurfer at the same time; great for teaching while having fun. Perfect for the whole family!


Maneuverability, accessibility, deck comfort, retractable daggerboard, carry handle, windsurf ability


Inflating the last 5 PSI


How C H E A P and F A S T can you get into a windsurfable SUP ???image

The NEXT 10’8″ Soft Surf SUP –$699
The new…and I mean N E W — it ain’t on a website yet — Aerotrech/Exocet NEXT Soft Surf technology windsurfable SUP. It has a centerfin box to add upwind capability.
31″ wide — stable. Standard mast track on deck. Wood stringer and durable vinyl bottom. “Soft on the outside but stiff enough to perform.”

WINDSUP 5.8 complete rig — $525
From the roof of your car to the water in 2 minutes. The sail stays on the mast. Just pull the bag off the mast, fold down the boom, attache the out haul…and you’re ready to go!

Both bought as complete kit – $1199
> (freight charges may apply )

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