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Starboard: Widepoint


11'2” x 37” Starboard Fisherman~~~~~~~~~ Click to Download Starboards 2011 Catalog

Dimensions: Length: 340.4 cm, Width: 94.0 cm, Tail Width: 55.4 cm, Volume: 250 L

Dimensions: Length: 340.4 cm, Width: 99.1 cm, Tail Width: 61.0 cm, Volume: 280 L

So easy to use you might as well bring your fishing gear aboard and head for those secret spots. The Fisherman’s extra-wide hull with high stabilizing rails and dug out mid-deck section offers an ultra-stable platform for paddling and windsurfing. Features like drain channels, multiple tie-down positions, and TallonTM Marine inserts (compatible with RAM and Scotty fishing rod mounting systems) make the Fisherman a revolutionary multi-purpose Stand Up Paddleboard. The board paddles straight through the water with its large fin area, yet turns on a dime due to its large flat midsection. Everyone trying the Fisherman is seriously impressed by its speed as it’s based on a race board bottom rocker curve.

“Mono concave merging to a Flat V”

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